The Eyedrivomatic is an inexpensive way for people with motorized wheelchairs and eyegaze equipment to take control of their mobility.  No modification of the wheelchair is required, and it is compatible with most wheelchair controllers and eyegaze systems. The system produces smooth, safe movement capable of accurate control even on rear wheel drive chairs. All functions of the wheelchair can be operated with Eyedrivomatic, much as somebody with normal hand movement could.

The Eyedrivomatic has two basic parts – the Eyedrivomatic software, which interfaces with the eyegaze system, and the Electronic Hand, a device that fits over the joystick of an electronic wheelchair and takes commands from the software.

The Hardware

The Eyedrivomatic Electronic Hand is a gimbal system that fits over the wheelchair’s normal joystick and can provide approximately 20 degrees of movement in any direction.

The Software

The Eyedrivomatic application runs on the Windows OS and in coordination with the users eyegaze system converts eye movements to commands to move the wheelchair or activate wheelchair functions.