The Eyedrivomatic application runs on the Windows OS and in coordination with the users eyegaze system converts eye movements to commands to move the wheelchair or activate wheelchair functions.

The application can currently interface directly with the Tobii consumer eyegaze devices such as the 4C, and can interface with all other eyegaze systems that have a mouse pointer emulation mode (most do). If you have an eyegaze system that is not currently directly supported, please use the Contact Us link and let us know! We are working on adding more direct interfaces as this improves safety.

A forward view can optionally be displayed using virtually any connected camera. However we recommend using something that has a wide-angle or fish-eye view. Many eyegaze systems or tablets used as eyegaze systems have a camera that faces in the right direction.

Control is effected by selecting a “drive profile”, a speed, a duration and a direction. The electronic hand will then move in the desired direction for the time requested. The user can continue movement by continuously selecting directions while in motion. However safety measures are in place to prevent accidental activation or re-activation of movement. See the Safety section for more information.

For our international users, the Eyedrivomatic software is localized. We currently have German and English versions. If you would like to see Eyedrivomatic in other languages, or improve the translations that we have, we would love to have your help!

As with the hardware, the software is still undergoing significant development and improvements. Check back often to see our new features!