Currently, we have temporarily suspended distribution of the Eyedrivomatic. When the project was first created by Patrick Joyce and Steve Evens, both living with ALS, their intention was to satisfy a personal need, and to allow others in similar circumstances to have a low cost non-commercial option to regain some independence, even if that option was a 3D printed prototype. As the project grows into something larger, we must take a pause to make sure that we have our legal, business, and manufacturing affairs in order. Please check back soon, or Contact Us to get notified when we begin shipping devices again.

But hold on… I heard Eyedrivomatic is open-source. Can’t I build one myself?

The Eyedrivomatic project was founded with the open-source ethos. Without support from open-source friendly communities such as Hackaday, Eyedrivomatic would not be what it is today. However, our primary goal is to make Eyedrivomatic available to anyone that needs it.  Making it open-source remains important, but is decidedly our second goal. If we were to distribute hardware and software designs without any restriction we could be placing our volunteers under unreasonable liability risks. However, if you are interested in obtaining Eyedrivomatic source code or hardware designs, or wish to contribute to the project, please Contact Us to discuss options.